7 Days Herbal Fish Bundle

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7 Days Herbal Fish Bundle

Golden Deals

Top-Grade 7 Days Herbal Rejuvenate Fish Bundle 一条龙配套

Golden Deals
  • $328.00

In collaboration with Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall, we have come up with an exclusive bundle just for you!

A full-packed ingredient bundle suitable for recuperating after an operation or confinement!

Now available at both Tankfully Fresh and Heng Foh Tong! 


This bundle includes:

Fish 鱼:

1) 1 pc of Threadfin Fish Head 午鱼头 1.2kg-1.5kg 

2) 1 pc of Threadfin Tail Portion 午鱼尾 1kg-1.2kg 

3) 1 portion of Threadfin Bones 午鱼骨 300g-400g

4) 4 pcs of Threadfin Fillet 午鱼肉 250g-300g

FREE extra 2 pcs of Threadfin Fillet 午鱼肉 250g-300g


Heng Foh Tong's Herbal Packs 杏和堂真中药材包:

1) 1 pk of Cordyceps Flower Qi Nourishment Soup (Benefit: Vitality) 

2) 1 pk of Blood Nourishment Dish (Benefit: Remedy) 

3) 1 pk of Double Boil Red Date Soup (Benefit: Remedy) 

4) 1 pk of Four Treasures Soup (Benefit: Remedy) 

5) 1 pk of Cordyceps Flower Lung Tonic Soup (Benefit: Vitality) 

6) 1 pk of Double Boil Goji Berry Kidney Herbal Soup (Benefit: Vitality) 

7) 1 pk of Gastrodia Wound Healing Soup (Benefit: Remedy/Beauty) 


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