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Frozen Sea Urchin Flavoured Ball 海胆味包心丸 190g (8 pieces)

  • $4.00

Sea Urchin Flavoured Ball is a unique dish, one which you can hardly find around! This wholesome dish is filled with juicy, mushy and quality flying fish roe. One bite of this babies will send your taste buds through a wave of delicious flavours that hits all the good spots you can think of! Sea Urchin Flavoured Ball is packed with protein, DHA and EPA. Very nutritious and healthy! Get your hands on this unique dish while you can! 

Please keep them in the freezer immediately if not for immediate consumption.


Net Weight: 190g (8 pieces)

Country Of Origin: Malaysia

Storage Guidelines: Keep frozen at -18 degrees celsius

Cooking & Preparation: Pan Fry, Deep Fry


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