Fisherman's Wife Home Recipes (鱼夫人自家食谱) - Sea Cucumber Herbal Soup with Kampung Chicken (自家药材海参鸡汤)

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Fisherman's Wife Home Recipes (鱼夫人自家食谱) - Sea Cucumber Herbal Soup with Kampung Chicken (自家药材海参鸡汤)
Fisherman's Wife Recipes - Sea Cucumber Herbal Soup with Kampung Chicken (自家药材海参鸡汤)
Quantity Ingredients
500g (Depends on personal preference) Sea Cucumber (海参) (Cut to chunks) 
2 pcs  Kampung Chicken Drumsticks (甘榜鸡腿)
2 litres Water
4 pcs Dried Mushroom (花菇)
12g Lycium chinense (枸杞)
6g Wild Astragalus Root (野生膜夹黑芪片) 
5g Radix Angelica Sinensis (当归)
14g Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati (玉竹)
16g Codonopsis pilosula (党参)
13g Dried Scallops (干贝)
1 & a half tsp Salt





  Quantity   Ingredients
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1. Chop the Sea Cucumber into chunks.

2. Wash and Soak the Dried Mushrooms.

3. Boil the 2 litres of water!


Cooking time!

1. Turn heat from high to medium and add in Wild Astragalus Root (野生膜夹黑芪片) , Radix Angelica Sinensis (当归), Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati (玉竹), Codonopsis Pilosula (党参) and Dried Scallops (干贝). Cover lid and boil for 10 mins.


2. After boiling for 10 mins with the colour of the soup slightly yellow, add in Chicken Drumsticks.


3. Followed by the Mushrooms (including the soaked water) and Sea Cucumber.


4. Stir well, cover pot with a lid and turn up the heat.


5. After 5 mins, open the lid and stir well again.


6. Cover the lid back (leave a little space to prevent overspilling). Turn heat to the lowest and boil for 1 hour 15mins. *If you prefer softer sea cucumber texture, you may cook it longer*


7. After 1 hour 15mins, open up the lid and add in 1 and half teaspoon of salt and Lycium chinense (枸杞). Stir Well and cover lid.


8. Boil for 5 mins and give the soup a taste! *Add more salt if needed*


9. Heat off and serve when hot!


Fisherman's Wife Recipes (鱼夫人自家食谱) Series!

A simple home cook recipe of Sea Cucumber Herbal Soup with Kampung Chicken by Tankfully Fresh! Let us share one of our Fisherman's Wife Seafood Recipes with you! Enough for 3-4pax. Do share this if you find this recipe useful. Spread the love for seafood!  

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