Savor Garlic Parsley Powder

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Savor Garlic Parsley Powder


SAVOR Garlic Parsley Powder 蒜香菜粉 (100g)

  • $6.00

Garlic Parsley, an amazing herbal blend that contains garlic bulb and parsley leaves, two well-known efficient herbs that offer strong support for immune system functions. It is not only delicious ingredients for cooking but also nutrients that are very beneficial to boost health and treat illness. Ideal for seasoning, marinade, or soup base! 

One thing to note, there is No MSG, Gluten and GMO!


Weight: 100g (serves 2 to 3) 

Country Of Origin: Singapore

Storage Guidelines: Store in cool and dry condition 

Cooking & Preparation: Marinate, Seasoning, Soup


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