Savor Szechuan Mala Powder

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Savor Szechuan Mala Powder


SAVOR Szechuan Mala Powder 四川麻辣粉 (100g)

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Szechuan Mala is a spicy and numbing seasoning made from Sichuan peppercorn and chili pepper. Mala is made into powder by grinding from herbs and spices. The characteristic of Sichuan cuisine has become one of the most popular ingredients in Chinese cuisine. Ideal for seasoning, marinade, or soup base.

One thing to note, there is No MSG, Gluten and GMO

*Psst.. just so you know, this is our personal favorite..*


Weight: 100g (serves 2 to 3) 

Country Of Origin: Singapore

Storage Guidelines: Store in cool and dry condition 

Cooking & Preparation: Marinate, Seasoning, Soup


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