Promotion Frozen Flower Grouper

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Promotion Frozen Flower Grouper


RARE DEALS! Frozen Flower Grouper 冰冻花斑 (refer descriptions)

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Groos Weight:

1) 5 - 6 fishes weighing a total of 700g - 800g

2) 3 - 4 fishes weighing a total of 600g - 700g

3) 2 fishes weighing a total of 700g - 800g

4) 1 fish weighing a total of 700g - 900g

5) 1 fish weighing a total of 1kg - 1.2kg


Storage Guidelines: Please keep it refrigerated upon receiving the fish if not for immediate consumption. Recommend keep frozen at -12 degrees celsius.

Cooking & Preparation: Pan Fry, Porridge



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