Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Both! You may refer to the individual product's description for this information. 

Yes, we do them by default! Do note that the weight of the products stated on the website is before descaled, degutted, degilled and cleaned. For fillets, do look out for bones before cooking/consuming even though we do deboning :) *Do note that for batang fillet, there are middle section bones*

We clean squids by removing its soft bone, beak, innards and ink. As for prawns, we will cut off the sharp edges for the convenience of our customers!

We can do it if you request it :) Do let us know in the comment section as you purchase with us!

If you intend to cook them on the day of purchase, you may leave them in the chiller. Else, do keep them in the freezer.

We would highly recommend our customers to cook the seafood within 1-2 days of purchase when they are really fresh! However, the seafood can be kept up to 1 month. Please also refrain from steaming the seafood after storing for 1 week. :)

As seafood are unpredictable (sea-caught), we are unable to put them permanent on our website. However, we do have promotion everyday where we may put up these seafood. Do check out our website or social media (Instagram/Facebook) if you're interested! :) All these products will be listed under the promo category!

All product images are for illustrative purposes only :)

For better reference to the size of individual cuts/fillets, do Whatsapp us and we will be able to show you live image/video as a reference!

Delivery & Charges

$8 delivery charge for orders below $60

Orders $60 and above, FREE Delivery!


There is no minimum purchase amount for delivery. Free delivery for orders $60 and above

*We have temporarily taken down our self-collection option to do some restriction :)*

We have 3 time-slots for delivery! 10am to 3pm, 2pm to 6pm and 6pm to 10pm! :)


All of the fresh and frozen items are vacuum packed/sealed! Items that are in the 'Others' category could be packed in their original packaging :)

Payment & Rewards

Unfortunately, we only accept payment with debit/credit card and Paylah/Paynow for now. We will be implementing more digital payment gateways in the future!

You may use them to rebate your future purchases! Do note that every 100 points = $1 rebate. Do key in at least 100 points and click 'use rewards points' to apply the rebate to your order.

We would highly recommend customers to confirm their orders on their products before purchasing as the payment is automatic and through secure payment gateway. It will take time to refund through internet banking.

We do not recommend our customers to change the items. If there really is a need for it, do contact our direct number to seek assistance. Do note that if the exchange item is paid $2 less than the ordered item, we will only rebate the $2 using reward points instead of refunding through bank transfer.

If you can't select any checkout dates other than the next day, it means that you probably have a promo item in your cart. Promo items are found in the promo category. These items are priced at very reasonable pricing and the reason for only able to select the next day delivery is because we could guarantee these products at the price stated and in good quality :)


Sure! Just let us know in the comment section when you purchase with us so we can arrange it :)

You may call or whatsapp us! However, if you can't reach us by phone, do email to and our staff will get back to you! :)