Fisherman's Wife Home Recipes (鱼夫人自家食谱) - Steamed Chinese Pomfret with Preserved Radish (自家菜圃蒸斗昌)

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Fisherman's Wife Home Recipes (鱼夫人自家食谱) - Steamed Chinese Pomfret with Preserved Radish (自家菜圃蒸斗昌)
Fisherman's Wife Recipes - Steamed Chinese Pomfret with Preserved Radish (自家菜圃蒸斗昌)
Quantity Ingredients
500g-600g Fresh Chinese Pomfret 
2 tbsp Oil (For stir-frying)
1 half tsp Salt
1 half tsp White Pepper Powder
4 tbsp Preserved Radish
2 pcs Shiitake Mushroom (sliced)
1 pc Tomato (Cut to Half/Quarter)
200g Ginger (shredded)
7-8 pcs Shallots (sliced)
2 pcs Garlic (sliced)
2 pcs Bird-eye Chilli





  Quantity   Ingredients
  1      Spring Onion (Optional)
  1                Coriander (Optional)




1. Slice the ginger, shallots, garlic, bird-eye chilli, shiitake mushroom and tomato. Then shred the ginger.

2. Wash and pat dry Chinese Pomfret.

3. Add half tsp of salt and white pepper powder onto Chinese Pomfret (make sure it is on the plate you want to steam it with!) and spread throughout.


3. Set it aside.

4. Heat up a steamer (for steam fish) and a wok/pan (for stir-frying)

Cooking time!

1. Turn on medium heat for the wok/pan.

2. Add 2 tbsp of oil into the wok/pan. *If you prefer more oil for fragrance, add at your own preference :), but we love healthier choice hehe*


3. Add in shredded ginger first, stir-fry to golden brown. *Tips: Turn the heat lower here to prevent oil splatter/smokey house*


4. Add in sliced garlic and shallots, continue to stir-fry until soften 


5. Add in preserved radish and continue to stir-fry for 20 seconds or so *Turn the heat low here to prevent burnt radish*


6. Add in shiitake mushroom and continue to stir-fry for 20 seconds or so..


7. Then add in bird-eye chilli and continue to stir-fry for 10 seconds or so..


8. Then finally, the tomato! Stir-fry for roughly 10 seconds.


9. Scoop them up and top them on the Chinese Pomfret. 


10. And it is.. STEAMING TIME! Make sure your steamer/wok is boiling before you place in the Chinese Pomfret!


11. Place in Chinese Pomfret and steam for 8 minutes! (For size of 500g-600g fish)


12. After 8 minutes, check if it's cooked! (Tips: One way to tell if the fish is fully cooked is by its popping eyes! To be safer, poke it through the back of the gills area. If the chopstick went through, it's fully cooked!)


13. Lastly, serve while hot!


Fisherman's Wife Recipes (鱼夫人自家食谱) Series!

A simple home cook recipe of Steam Chinese Pomfret with Preserved Radish by Tankfully Fresh! Let us share one of our Fisherman's Wife Seafood Recipes with you! Enough for 3-4pax. Do share this if you find this recipe useful. Spread the love for seafood!  

*You can use this recipe with grouper or red grouper as well!*

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