BBQ Family Bundle

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BBQ Family Bundle

Golden Deals

BBQ - Family Bundle (4-6pax)

Golden Deals
  • $119.90

Want some cheaper bundle deals and lazy to click around to add into your cart?!

Here's a BBQ Family bundle pack for you! 



This bundle includes:

1) 1kg of Tiger prawns 老虎虾 / South America Prawns 南美洲虾 (21-25pcs/kg) 

2) 4 pcs of 200g-250g of Stingray Fins 魔鬼鱼块

3) 1.4kg-1.6kg of Squids 苏东

4) 1kg of 13-14pcs Half-Shell Scallops 半壳带子

5) 2 pcs of 200g-250g Salmon Trout Fillet 鳟鱼肉


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