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Exclusive Popular Set

Golden Deals

EXCLUSIVE! Growing Child Bundle (Refer Description)

Golden Deals
  • $120.00

High in omega-3 fatty acids & protein, fish is termed as the “Brain Food” for children! It supports eye, brain development and helps build healthy muscles and bones! 


Items included in the set:

1) 2 Threadfin fillet (1 fish weighing a total of 250g-300g)

2) 2 Codfish Fillet (1 fish weighing a total of 200g-300g)

3) 2 Salmon Fillet (1 fish weighing a total of 300g-350g) 

Storage Guidelines: Keep chilled between 0 to 4 degrees celsius, Frozen item Codfish to be kept -12 degrees

Cooking & Preparation: Steam, Pan-Fry

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