Curry Red Snapper Fish Head Bundle

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Curry Red Snapper Fish Head Bundle

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Curry Red Snapper Fish Head Bundle 咖喱红鸡鱼头配套(4-6pax)

Golden Deals
  • $45.00

A full packed ingredient bundle to cook up your favourite Curry Red Snapper Fish Head. 

Now available at Tankfully Fresh! 


This bundle includes:

1) 1 pc of Red Snapper Head 红鸡鱼头 (800g-1kg before processing)

2) 1 pack of A1 BEST ONE Curry Paste (SEAFOOD) 咖喱海鲜酱 (230g)

3) 2 packs of Heng Guan Fresh Natural Coconut Milk 天然鲜椰浆 (250g)

4) 200g-250g of Brinjal 茄子

5) 100g-120g of Tomato 番茄

6) 80g-100g of Ladyfinger 羊角豆

7) 150g-200g of Long Bean 长豆

8) 5g of Curry Leaves 咖喱叶

9) 1 pack of Tofu Puff (Tau Pok) 豆腐泡

10) 1 pack of  Fried Bean Curd Skin (Tau Kee) 炸豆皮


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