Ration Bundle

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Ration Bundle

Golden Deals

NEW IN! Ration Bundle + Xtra Value Pack (serves 4 - 6 pax)

Golden Deals
  • $60.90
  • $52.90

Economy bad? Gst 9% ? Cannot afford pump fuel? Where got money buy fish? 

We understand that everybody's wallet is getting pulled tighter and tigher nowadays.

We propose a simple plan. A Ration Plan. 

Our bundle allows you to partition precious servings over min. 3 days so in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, we have the essentials covered.

Our Ration Bundle Covers:

1 x salmon fillet 鳟鱼肉 300g-350g

1 x seabass fillet 金目鲈肉 300g-350g

1 x south america prawns 南美洲虾 500g

1 x beansprout 豆芽 300g

1 x broccoli 西兰花 300g

1 x freezepak nugget 炸鸡肉块 1kg

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