Let's Gather Bundle

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Let's Gather Bundle

Golden Deals

Let's Gather Bundle 聚一聚配套 (2-4pax)

Golden Deals
  • $55.00

What's greater than celebrating National Day at home with another bundle for hotpot?!

Here's a NATIONAL DAY bundle pack just for you!

Save $7!

This bundle includes:

1) 1 box of Silken Tofu (豆腐)

2) 200g-300g of Leek (韭葱)

3) 400g-500g of Napa Cabbage (大白菜)

4) 1 pack of Enoki Mushroom (金针菇)

5) 1 pack of White Shimeji Mushroom (白玉菇)

6) 250g of South America Prawns (南美洲虾)

7) 1kg of Half-Shell Scallops 9/10 (半颗带子)

8) 300g-350g of Grouper Fillet (石斑肉) (S

92 Packets Of Gimson Prawn Noodle Paste (50g) For Free!


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