Tankfully Fresh Recipes - One Pot Salmon and Rice

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Tankfully Fresh Recipes - One Pot Salmon and Rice
Tankfully Fresh Recipes - One Pot Salmon and Rice
Quantity Ingredients
200g-300g Salmon
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
200g Shallots
80g Garlic (Minced)
As needed Black Pepper
1 piece Bay Leaf
80g Shio Dashi Liquid
100g Butter
1 Cup Rice
1 Cup Water
Up to preference Sesame seeds (For Garnish)
Up to preference Sansho pepper (For Garnish)

Cooking time!

1. Firstly, cut the scallions and shallots.

2. Season salmon with salt, sugar, and garlic powder. Leave it for 15 minutes.

3. In a pot on medium heat, add half of the butter.

4. Sear the salmon skin side down for 2-3 min on medium heat.

5. Flip the salmon and sear for 1 min then take out the salmon.

6. On medium-low heat Add the shallots in and sweat them until they become fragrant about 2-3 min.

7. Add garlic and sweat them till fragrant followed by the black pepper rice and bay leaf.

8. Add the remaining butter, and mix well.

9. Add water and shio dashi liquid and bring up to boil. 10. Turn down to a low simmer and cover the pot for 15 min.

11. Add the salmon back and cover to let it steam for another 5 minutes.

12. Open the cover and garnish with spring onions, sesame seeds, and sansho pepper as preferred..

Tankfully Fresh Recipes Series!

Cook up an easy One Pot Salmon and Rice with Tankfully Fresh! Let us share one of our Tankfully Fresh Recipes with you! Enough for 2-3pax. Do share this if you find this recipe useful. Spread the love for seafood! 

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