Tankfully Fresh Recipes - BBQ Sambal Stingray in Banana Leaf

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Tankfully Fresh Recipes - BBQ Sambal Stingray in Banana Leaf
Tankfully Fresh Recipes - BBQ Sambal Stingray in Banana Leaf
Quantity Ingredients
300g Stingray
20g Fish Sauce
5g Salt
15g Prawn Paste
25g (soaked in water) Dried shrimps
8 pieces Candlenuts
100g Red Onion (Sliced)
60g Garlic (Peeled)
20 pieces (soaked in water) Dried chilli 
6 pieces Fresh chilli (sliced)
70g Galangal (Peeled and cut)
40g Fish Sauce
75g Palm Sugar
150ml Vegetable Oil
2 pieces Okra
1 piece  Small Red Onion (Peeled)
Halved or as desired Calamansi

Cooking time!

1. To make the sambal, add all of the prepared sambal ingredients (excluding the oil and seasoning) in the food processor and process till it's slightly smooth.

2. It is alright if the rempah is slightly chunky. (If your processor is not as strong, you can add some oil to aid the blending).

3. In a hot pot at medium heat, add the oil and fry the rempah. Turn down the fire to low and stir the rempah.

4. The middle stage is seeing the rempah splitting with the oil and is slightly darker in color.

5. Continue to cook further until the rempah is dark red and well caramelized with the oil split from the mixture. Add all of the seasoning and taste. Season further as desired.

6. Set aside and cool down.

7. Score the stingray on both sides and season salt all around it. Add a generous amount of sambal on leave it to marinate for at least 30-40 min. The extra sambal can be kept in the chiller for future uses.

8. Slice the Okra and red onions. Set aside.

9. In a hot pan, put some oil and the banana leaf in. Put the stingray in the pan, presentation side down first. Do not worry if the sambal falls off, just simply apply it back on top.

10. Put another piece of banana leaf on top of the stingray and cover the pan to let it cook on medium-low heat.

11. After 3-4 min, open up and check the stingray. The cooked side should turn opaque. If it is not cooked enough, cover and let it cook for another 2-3 minutes.

12. If it is cooked, flip the whole stingray with the banana leaves. Open up the now top banana leaf and apply more sambal (as desired).

13. Add the okra and red onions, splash fish sauce on top of everything before covering it with banana leaf again, and put the lid back on for another 4-5 min or until the stingray is cooked.

14. Once done, put the stingray with the bottom banana leaf on a plate and garnish with calamansi and more sambal as desired.

Tankfully Fresh Recipes Series!

One of Singapore's popular dish, Barbeque Sambal Stingray, by Tankfully Fresh! Let us share one of our Tankfully Fresh Recipes with you! Enough for 1-2pax. Do share this if you find this recipe useful. Spread the love for seafood! 

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