Tankfully Fresh Recipes - Prawn And Clam Mala

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Tankfully Fresh Recipes - Prawn And Clam Mala
Tankfully Fresh Recipes - Prawn And Clam Mala with Milk Cabbage
5 piecesPrawns of your preference
8-10 piecesCooked Flower Clams with liquid
100gMilk Cabbage (Nai Bai) (Cut in half, and Blanched)
10gGinger (Sliced)
15gGarlic Cloves (Cut half lengthwise)
60gSzechuan Broad Bean Paste
10gSoy Sauce
6 piecesDried Chillies (Rehydrated and Cut)
80gPeeled Lotus root (Sliced and Blanched)
50gEnoki Mushroom (Blanched)
1 pieceRed Chilli (Sliced)
1 tspFennel Seeds
1 pieceCinnamon
2 piecesStar Anise
Up to preferenceCoriander (Cut)
Up to preferenceBaked Cashew Nuts

Cooking time!

1. Process the prawns by cutting the prawns in half on the belly, but not all the way through. Open up and season them with salt lightly.

2. In a hot pan, toast the fennel, cinnamon, and star anise till fragrant. Add the oil and fry the spices for 2-3 min at medium-low heat.

3. Strain the oil and put it back in the pot.

4. Add the dried chilies and fry them till they are crispy and set aside.

5. In the same pan of oil, add the ginger and garlic over low heat till they are well caramelized. Take them out from the pot.

6. Add the broad bean paste, soy sauce, salt, and sugar in and stir well.

7. Turning the heat back to medium, add the lotus root and enoki mushroom.

8. Followed by milk cabbage (Nai Bai) and prawns stir fry them together before adding the sliced chili.

9. Add clams together with the liquid and mix well.

10. Put the prawns and clams stir fry on a plate, and garnish with coriander and cashew nuts.

11. Ready to be served.

Tankfully Fresh Recipes Series!

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