Codfish Fillet

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Codfish Fillet

Frozen Seafood

Codfish Fillet 鳕鱼片 (200g-300g)

Frozen Seafood
  • $26.00

Codfish, also known as Xue Yu (鳕魚), comes from Chile and is suitable for all ages but even better for toddler and elderly due to the softness of the fish. Codfish is very versatile as it can be cook with different varies methods like soup, porridge, pan-fried and stir-fried.



Weight: 200g - 300g

Country Of Origin: Caught by Australian Boat, from Antarctic Ocean

Storage Guidelines: Please keep it refrigerated upon receiving the fish if not for immediate consumption. Recommend keep frozen at -12 degrees celsius.

Cooking & Preparation: Steam, Pan Fry, Stir Fry, Soup, Porridge, Soup



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