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Basic Essential Curry Pack | Tankfully Fresh

Ready to Cook

Basic Essential Curry Pack 基本必用咖喱食材包 (4 items)

  • $9.00

Are you missing out on any ingredients to cook your perfect dish?!

Not to worry, as you may get it at Tankfully Fresh!
Ingredients are being purchased at the local market every day from our friendly neighbouring vendors!

Do remember to consume them within a week though! (在一个星期内吃完)


Content & Weight:

1) Onions 洋葱 (total weight: 350g-400g)

2) Tomatoes 番茄 (total weight: 250g-300g)

3) Carrot 胡萝卜 (total weight: 120g-150g)

4) Potato 马铃薯 (total weight: 450g-500g)


Storage Guidelines: Keep chilled between 0 to 4 degrees celsius

Cooking & Preparation: Fish, Meat, Vegetables, etc!

Learn How to Cook with Us: Stewed Catfish in Assam Curry


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