How To Choose Fresh Whole Fish In 5 Easy Steps

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How To Choose Fresh Whole Fish In 5 Easy Steps
Tips on Choosing Fresh Fish
January 01, 1970 7.30 am

It is no secret that Singaporeans love fish. According to The Seafood Report by the Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) in 2017, the country consumes about 22 kilograms of fish and seafood per person in a year, whereas the rest of the world only intakes around 20 kilograms.

On special occasions, especially during the Chinese New Year, they are often served as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Truly, a Singaporean feast wouldn’t be complete without a fish dish.

However, not all of us know what to look out for when shopping for our fish. In today’s article, Tankfully Fresh cites some tips on how to select the freshest fish in the market to make sure you only get the best quality main ingredient for your recipe the next time you shop:

1. Eyes

The quickest way to tell if a fish is fresh or not is through its eyes. They should be bright, clear, and plump as if the pupils are full of life. If the eyes look sunken and hazy, then it must be a sign that the fish has been there for too long.

2. Gills

A fresh fish has clean and bright red gills. If the gills are slimy and have turned to a dark brown or black, it is a clear indication that the fish is no longer new.

3. Smell

Does the fish smell clean and fresh, or does it give off a foul odor? A good fish must smell briny like it is fresh off the sea. Otherwise, if you’ve detected any unusual scent, then the fish has probably started to rot.

4. Scales

A shiny, metallic scale is a good sign that the fish is a good catch. But to really test its freshness, you must run off your hands through its scales and observe if they easily come off. If the scales are not as firm as it should be, you might want to look for another fish.

5. Flesh

Your fish must spring back to its original shape after it’s gently pressed. If the flesh is too soft and slightly sinks through your finger, the fish must already be turning bad.

6. Fins and Tails

The fins and tails can also show whether the fish is fresh or not. These parts are usually the first to break when the whole fish is improperly handled. Torn out, dried, and brittle fins and tails should make you think if the fish is still good for cooking.

We hope you had learned a thing or two about checking the right qualities of a fish you can use on your next meal!

Still confused on how to pick the best fish in the market? Or simply don’t have the time to drop by the seafood aisles?

With Tankfully Fresh, you can now leave the task of selecting the best fish to the seafood experts! At Tankfully Fresh, we vow to bring only the freshest seafood right to your doorstep in the quickest time possible at a competitive price range. The good news is, we deliver free island wide for orders above $200!

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