Thick Bee Hoon

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Thick Bee Hoon


Thick Bee Hoon 粗米粉 (500g)

  • $2.50

Thick Bee Hoon is originated from Southern China, and is made of rice. This thick and springy noodles breaks easily in your mouth. It is also known to retain its rice taste as it does not absorb the broth which it is cooked in!

Do consume them within 1 to 2 days on the day of purchase or they spoil easily due to its freshness! Please keep them refrigerated upon receiving the noodle if not for immediate consumption and consume in 1 to 2 days (一到两天内吃完).   


Weight: 500g

Country Of Origin:  Singapore

Storage Guidelines: Please keep it refrigerated upon received if not for immediate consumption. Recommend keep chilled between 0 to 4 degrees celsius.

Cooking & Preparation: Stir fry & Soup



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