Where Does Fresh Seafood Come From?

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Where Does Fresh Seafood Come From?
Where Does Fresh Seafood Come From?

To keep up with the nation’s demand for seafood, Singapore has been adopting various techniques and scientific advancements in aquatic farming. But did you know that 90% of the seafood we consume are imported from other countries? They make it possible for us to enjoy a glorious plate of sweet briny goodness.

Want to know where Tankfully Fresh sources the best seafood? Here are five of the best producers of seafood around the world.

  1. Indonesia

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is home to the most demanded marine and aquatic resources across the globe. It ranks among the top five largest producers of fishery and aquaculture products, second among shrimp producers, and first among tuna producers worldwide. This vastly endowed archipelago has more than 35 fishing harbours, three-quarters of which are found on its western side.

Indonesia’s Best: Kingfish (Batang), Flower Crabs, Red Grouper, Stingray, White Pomfret, Seabass

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia boasts more than 4,600 kilometres of biodiverse coastlines and bodies of water. In fact, Malaysia’s territory is composed of more ocean and sea than land! In 2017, Malaysia produced over 102.5 thousand metric tons of freshwater aquaculture products and 324.3 thousand metric tons of brackishwater aquaculture products. Since 2006, this country has used fisheries to solve their food trade gap.

Malaysia’s Best: Red Snapper, Golden Snapper, Squid, Seabream, Kembong, Threadfin (Kukup)

  1. Thailand

There is more to Thailand’s food exports than just rice. Since the 1970s, Thailand is one of the top exporters of shrimp, fish, and fish products worldwide. Its two major shipping ports are located in Samut Sakhon (Central Thailand) and in Songkhla (Southern Thailand). In 2017, this country has produced 381.9 thousand metric tons of freshwater aquaculture products, 363.3 thousand metric tons of brackishwater aquaculture products, and 144.7 thousand metric tons of marine aquaculture products.


Thailand’s Best: Tongol, Red-Legged Prawn, South America Prawns, Kunning, Selar

  1. China

As the world’s biggest consumer and producer of fish, China is responsible for two-thirds of the world’s aquaculture production. With over 3,000 years of experience in fish farming, it has gradually become one of the nation’s staple sources of food and income. Around 29 million metric tons of fish products are produced by China’s aquaculture every year. Their fishing farms are mostly located in the middle and lower Yangtze valley and the Zhu Jiang delta.


China’s Best: Chinese Pomfret, Yellow Croaker

  1. Philippines

Surrounded with the same seas as Malaysia, the Philippines is also a rich source of aquacultural products. Some marine species found in its waters are pelagic fishes, molluscs, and crustaceans. This archipelagic state produces an estimate of 3.1 million metric tons of total capture and aquaculture products per year. Its most commercially important fish is the milkfish, which is commonly prepared by grilling or deep frying.


Philippines’ Best: Milkfish


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